From the Artist
Saudade! It doesn't matter how far we go; the more we grow, the more we strengthen the connection with our essences and our hearts. Luís Fernando, Jovani Furlan, Luanna Gondim and Maitê Nunes dance together as a shadow of one another, in an alien place that represents their introspectiveness. Pássaro Distante can be interpreted as how far we can go into our internal universe - as a distant bird.

Production Credits
Director: Gabriela Mo
Choreographer: Cassi Abranches
Featuring: Luís Fernando, Jovani Furlan, Luanna Gondim, Maitê Nunes
Music Production: Ju Strassacapa, Malu Magri
Composer: Andrei Martinez Kozyreff
Assistant Director: Júlia Bazerque
Director of Photography: Larissa Zaidan Audio Engineer: Gabriel Lima
Acoustic Guitar: Andrei Martinez Kozyreff
Electric Guitar: André Marrocos
Percussion: Gabriel Lima
Stylist: Bru Fernandes 
Editor: Bruna Abubakir
Grading + Title Photography: Larissa Zaidan
1st AD: Julia Bazerque
1st Camera Assistant: Luiz Egídio
2nd Camera Assistant: Rafael Mattar
Makeup and Hair: Priscila Bisbo
Makeup and Hair Assistant: Carlaxane Maia
Runner: Willians Barbosa Dos Santos (Kiwi)
Loggers: Thiago Cunha
Unit Still Photographer: Bernardo Guerreiro
Rehearsal Assistant: Filipe Bruschi
Drivers: Diego Santos and Anderson Dias
Produced By: Jacob Jonas The Company
Production: Untitled Films
Executive Production: Karin Nantes
Production Manager: Camila Gouveia
Line Producer: Danielle Makauskas
Production: Mariane Oliveira
Post Production Manager: Mauro Linberger
Post Production: Warriors