From San Juan to Chicago: Un Puente Musical

Chicago Philharmonic and Puerto Rican Arts Alliance
Coming Soon

Premieres August 17 / 2PM

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Chicago Philharmonic and the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance collaborate for the first time for an extravaganza of music and musicians from la isla del encanto! Emeritus Puerto Rico Symphony Conductor Roselín Pabón leads the Chicago Philharmonic orchestra and vibrant Puerto Rican soloists, featuring the music of great Puerto Rican composers such as Rafael Hernández, Tito Henriquez, Jose Ignacio Quintón, Antonio Cabán Vales, and traditional Puerto Rican music. Join us for this wonderful concert of popular and traditional music from Puerto Rico!

Chicago Philharmonic
Roselín Pabón, conductor
Laura María Pabón, soprano
José L. Rodríguez, guitar and vocals
Jesús Román Figueroa, troubadour
Fabiola M. Méndez, cuatrista